Recognising a Reliable Emergency Electrician easily

Choosing the right electrician is undoubtedly a challenging job. But at the same time, something as potentially hazardous as electrics has to be handled by skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced pairs or pairs of hands.

Complains are pretty common about the poor work quality of electricians. A section of them is also accused of having a lack of professionalism. These electricians’ categories leave behind a string of head and heartaches for their clients to deal with. After they have left, the electrical issues are still found unresolved. In worse-case scenarios, structural issues that never existed before may crop up and unresolved electrical issues.

Then there are rogue electricians – Just as in any other trade. In these critical circumstances, the importance of a knowledgeable, qualified and skilled electrician is felt even more! But unfortunately, 3 out of every 5 homeowners in the UK still fail or ignore the checking credentials of an electrician before hiring him for any work. This ignorance often has to be compensated with a hefty price. But yet, that does not seem to raise consciousness among the public.

So what can be your role in this situation?

When it comes to employing a capable electrician for work, the best way out is to consider a personal recommendation from a trusted soul you know personally. It can either be one of your friends, family members, or colleagues. But this may not work out every time. So there must be alternate options in your hand. Let us explore a few such options in the following section.

Which? Local

Which? Local is a part of the famous consumer watchdog organization Which? Which? Local dedicatedly publish its reports and reviews to keep its members updated about authentic information on the average price and time required to finish a job. The verified information helps people get almost every relevant bit of detail so that an unethical electrician does not dare take them on a ride and rob them blindly.

However, to access the Which? On the local website, you have to shell out £1 for the first month and then £10.75 every month.


The NICEIC needs no introduction – it is the regulatory body of the entire electrical industry in the country. It also provides a register of every verified electrician who passed the body’s qualifications. The user-friendly register allows you to search for a qualified electrician based on location. You can also search by company name to ascertain the identity of an electrician. Moreover, there is also a naughty list of electricians who claim to belong to the NICEIC but are not.

Commercial directories

In addition to the options mentioned above, you can also rely on Commercial directories as a consumer. These directories prove helpful as they recommend tradespeople based on the ratings of their previous clients. In this context, it is relevant mentioning about Checkatrade. It is exceptionally popular across the UK. It invariably performs a strong background check of tradespeople before allowing them its membership. The directory proves easy to search out all your local electricians. It publishes clients’ feedback from already completed jobs so that you can make an informed decision about who to contact.

Steps for you to take

  • Be specific and mention the working crystal clear with clear briefings while requesting a quote.
  • Request a written quote, including even the minute breakups of the costing.
  • Make sure the written quote that you receive includes agreed terms of payment and the tentative duration of the work.
  • Never shy away from asking an electrician for references before hiring. A good electrician always shares the contact details of previous customers heartily. He is even proud to show you around his previous jobs.
  • To ensure your project goes along smoothly and is completed on time, it is your responsibility to communicate properly with them.
  • While hiring an electrician, do not only consider the price but also the quality of their work.
  • It is important to clarify whether or not VAT is included in the quote.
  • By principle, you should always hire an established electrical service company with a ‘brick and mortar office space with a postal address and a landline phone number.
  • It is better to avoid electricians who give you only their mobile numbers.

In addition to the points discussed above, an emergency electrician in north London has something to add. Always check the credentials of an electrician before hiring. However, this is relevant for electricians and any other tradesman you name.


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