How dental implants can change your daily life

Nobody can deny how essential teeth are to eat, speak and even be confident! Over the years, you may lose some of them. Tooth loss can occur in an accident or fall after severe tooth decay. Whatever happened, we are here to offer you dental implants in Wimbledon by our professional orthodontists.

If you don’t know anything about dental implants, it is a fantastic dental restoration treatment for anyone who has irreversible damage to their permanent teeth. There is a fact here that is important to know; as long as you have a bone in your jaw, we can help you restore damaged teeth. Our dentists in SW19 screw implants into the jawbone (like your natural root), then you install one or more than two brand new sets of teeth.

So they are exactly like natural teeth, except they are artificial! If we count your baby teeth as your first chance, dental implants are like getting a second chance at your teeth! For someone who has suffered from severe tooth pain over the years, this may be a dream come true. These implants improve your physical well-being and bring considerable mental benefits. Your confidence surely boosts up a little bit. You can’t be shy with a beautiful pair of teeth perfectly and permanently installed in your gums.

A dental implant is a basic prosthetic device placed in the jawbone before a natural-looking artificial crown is placed. Our dentists in SW19 usually use this method to replace a single tooth or a whole set of teeth, depending on your x-ray photo. Stay with us to know more about dental implants in Wimbledon.

It changes your appearance drastically

Because your smile is one of the first things, most people notice when they meet you, having a lot of missing or broken teeth might reduce your confidence in your look. Do you want to keep them in the best way or do nothing for them? Fear of smiling is not a good thing for you. Why do you like to keep this feeling when you can have beautiful pair of teeth that completely look natural?

Your smile should no longer be a problem for you. With a new generation of dental implants, you can have a new pair of teeth in one session!

Your oral health condition will be better

Teeth and denture gaps can cause structural degeneration of your jawbone. Dentures need glue and enough attention, but they can be loose and will inevitably decline over time. On the other hand, dental implants assist in protecting and even increasing your jawbone’s bone density by providing much-needed support. Furthermore, dental implants are rather simple to maintain, so you won’t have to struggle with a time-consuming and rigorous cleaning regimen. If you think more logically, It’s a total win-win situation!

Changes in your overall health

When your dental health suffers, your whole health suffers as well. It is obvious. Your mouth is the entryway of your body! Anything that can affect your teeth can also affect your body—bacteria, food poisoning, etc. Teeth loss, uncomfortable, or missing may prevent you from eating a healthy diet. For example, you may skip any difficult-to-chew items, such as fruits and high fiber meals, that are important for optimal health. Because dental implants are robust and painless, you will be able to eat a healthy balanced diet daily. Imagine being able to eat your favorite meals again and designing your diet without worrying about whether the food you desire would cause you discomfort.

Dental implant improves your speech

If you’ve ever used dentures or other dental supplements, you’ll understand how unpleasant, if not irritating, their movement in your mouth, maybe when you’re talking. Dental implants help you talk clearly and without slurring since they are permanently attached to your teeth. Of course, everything takes time to adjust to, but after your implants are in place, you’ll be so happy to have a permanent set of teeth again! What person wouldn’t be?

Dental implants are such a relief!

Wearing dentures can be difficult, causing gagging or the development of severe mouth sores in some circumstances. Nobody wants to cope with it every day of their lives. Dental implants are a permanent option that stays in place with no movement. Once you’ve become used to them, you won’t notice any difference between how real teeth feel and these implants feel since they’re so pleasant.

We’ve discovered that dental implants are as near actual teeth as possible, allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals, enhance your oral health, and reduce the stigma associated with missing or broken teeth.


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